KD-HIII 生物组织烤片机

Product Name:KD-HIII Roast machine stalls

Product Categories:Water Bath&Slide Dryer

◆ tops, large toasted slices Xiecha way, grilled slice the slides can be placed directly on the ramp, easy to operate, easy to take and easy release.
◆ Full automatic computer control program, the United States imported chip microprocessor control, full-featured, simple set up, can best meet the needs of different users
◆ heating using the new heating element, heat fast, long life, good thermal conductivity, various parts of the temperature uniformity, energy saving, reliable, PID control heating.
◆ Temperature thermometer used by the US company DALLAS manifold, high precision, reliable performance, the program can automatically save your work.
◆ appearance of the use of special materials manufactured in black, with a corrosion-resistant anti-wear characteristics
◆ set temperature, operating temperature and operating state of all parameters in real time display, more intuitive data
◆ With memory and automatic recovery function, automatic save preset temperature after running.
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